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The NeoLight Knowledge Center provides technical details regarding the engineering of our products, results from clinical trials, and insights into the neonatal care market.

Understanding Body Surface Area in Neonatal Phototheraphy

The kinetics of phototherapy may be thought of in the same way as drug-therapy, i.e. the dose-response relationship of phototherapy is analogous to those of a medication administered to treat an illness. The dose delivered by a phototherapy device determines the efficacy of the treatment, and thus both dose and efficacy are determined by the amount of body surface area (BSA) treated and the spectral properties of the light used.


Streamlining Neonatal Phototherapy

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can be a stressful and challenging environment for clinicians and families of critically ill children. This article explores the factors that impact accessibility in the NICU by using the phototherapy device as an example and exploring how phototherapy design strategies can help to alleviate the problem.


The Next Generation in Hyperbilirubinemia Management

An easily accessible, low cost, and accurate assay for bilirubin is essential for proper intervention to prevent the development of severe hyperbilirubinemia, especially with an increasing number of babies being discharged early.