Putting babies first is at the heart of our mission as a company. It’s a promise we make to every parent of an infant in need. Our approach always starts with one question – what is best for the baby?  This question drives everything we do.

We are a modern medical device company that engineers, designs and manufactures technologies that treat infants with life threatening medical conditions. Our mission is to reinvent newborn health care through empathy-driven solutions.

Our first product, the Skylife™ Phototherapy System, is a cutting-edge portable device that treats neonatal jaundice, which affects many newborns worldwide.  The Skylife device represents the first in a line of products where putting the baby first drove the design and development.

We’re a group of passionate entrepreneurs who want to change the way newborn care is approached. We focus on people first, and technology second.

How do we truly change the standard of care?  How can we create simple solutions that will address global healthcare issues?  These are the questions that we seek to answer.